Our Sustainability Approach

We work together with our employees, suppliers, customer, and all other stakeholders by putting the principle of creating "common value" at the center of our business.

The business environment in which we operate is being shaped by the influence of global mega-trends that bring great opportunities along with new restrictions. Putting sustainability at the exact center of our strategy allows us to leverage these trends to create new opportunities and contribute to goals such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We continue our activities to " become a solution partner that increases the production power of Turkish industry".

We share the projects and activities we have implemented, the goals we have committed to with transparency Tezmaksan Sustainability Report, shares our sustainability strategy and activities under three main headings:

High Added Value, Advanced Technology, we describe the long-term, sustainable relationship models that we have created with our stakeholders through innovative sustainability-oriented projects and technologies that we have developed to increase the efficiency of the industry.

Investing in a New Generation of Industrial Society, we convey our investments in people and society for the sustainability of the industry.

Environmentally Friendly Operations, we share the effects of our operations on the environment and what we plan to minimize these effects.

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