How long Does It Take To Install The CubeBOX And How Do I Know It Has Been Installed Safely?
The installation of the CubeBOX takes less than half day and to train customer is less than half an hour. The installation is only executed by certified engineers who guarantee that the installation is perfect and meets the highest safety regulations.
What Are The Advantages Of CubeBOX Against Other Robot Competitors?

CubeBOX is a robotic system for CNC machine automation. The CNC robot can be connected to any new or existing CNC lathe or milling machine and easily moved from one machine to another. Complete plug-and-play solution for each brand of CNC machine.

  • Job changes and Set-up takes less than 5 minutes
  • User Friendly system. No need to have an experienced operator
  • Portable. Can be easily moved from one CNC machine to another
  • High reliability and repeatability technology and process
  • No experience with robotics is required
  • Easily moved from one CNC machine to another

This is a new fashion tending system that fits almost 80% of the Machine Tending business. Because we are doing mass production, our prices are so competitive, and our delivery times are too short and fast. The most important issue is our software - RoboCAM - eliminates the requirement of Robot Programming. Works 24 hours and 7 days, no defective products, productivity is much more higher (In our applications we realized the productivity increase from 35% to 97%), and OEE over 90%.

Do I Need Several Gripper Units?

For most of the cases (80% cases) we can say NO. Because we are selecting the grippers to have optimum working range and we are using universal intermediate jaws to maximize this range.

In case of round and rectangular workpieces with a wide dimension range, we can stock multiple robot grippers with our tool changer system. By having the loading robot able to change grippers, it will automatically load products even if the products have different dimensions, whether they are cylinders or square objects or have a unique shape. With the help of the different types of grippers, you can handle a large number of product types. Automatically switching to a second product is therefore possible thanks to our automatic tool changer system.
You can see detaily video at below ;

Where Is The CubeBOX Produced?

TEZMAKSAN ROBOT TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2009 by TEZMAKSAN MAKINA, which was established in 1981 as Türkiye’s (Turkey) leader and Europe's second largest brand, carrying out extensive activities such as CNC sales, rental, service, technological consultancy, financing, software and sectoral training in the machining industry.

Tezmaksan Robot Technologies, which is preparing to commission its new factory on 53 decares of land in Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone with an investment of 15 million Euros and a factory construction cost of 3,5 million Dollars, will accelerate the production and R&D studies of CNC models that have not yet been produced

What Is Required To Operate The System Unmanned During The Night?
CubeBOX is a loading system that is capable of repeating loading work during normal (day) shifts. In order to continue producing at night or during the weekend, it is essential that your workpieces have a longer cycle time.
Can CubeBOX Be Connected To Any CNC Machine?

We have a wide range of products that you can use with Vertical Machining Centres, CNC Lathes, Presses, especially our Soul model is for Horizontal Machining Centres. CubeBOX products and services are suitable for LATHES, milling benches and all other CNC machine brands.

How Can I Decide Which CubeBOX Is Most Suitable For Me?

We have different types of systems depending on the shape, dimension, weight, cycle time and the processes of the customers. We call CubeBOX Blues, Soul and we have added Vision model that is equipped with camera(s). We have Slider system that can run with limitless number of machines on linear or parallel machines lay-out. We are also developing Pallet Pools which will come out soon.

There are three main models: CubeBOX Blues with 4 sub-model is designed for the workpieces in all shaped, formed and dimensions, running with your lathes and with your milling machines, for small and medium volume production. The CubeBOX Soul with 3 sub-models, model is suitable for casting industry where you have heavy casted bodies and materials with non-uniform surface forms and mass production

The CubeBOX Vision with 3 sub-models is designed for the similar products with wide dimension range, such as forging industry. The details and the capacities can be found in the technical specifications.

What Are The Differences Between Buying And Programming A Robotic Arm And CubeBOX?
Why CubeBOX Is The Better Solution For Me?

Programming a robot arm is highly complex and requires very specific robot-programming knowledge. If you are going to set up a workpiece for a period of years, then making your own specific program might be an option. However, keep in mind, that you will need to hire external specialists to train your own robot operators. Conversely, if you have many job changes, programming the robot arm is not ideal as it is too time consuming and complex

RoboCAM is our own developed software for controlling the CubeBOX Systems. The main advantage is the user friendliness. In a very short time, the operator can implement new parts without any knowledge in robot programming. The user only has to enter the dimensions of the part, select the gripper type, upload the CAD drawing of the inlay and finally the pickup and put distances of the workpieces. Our software calculates the rest and sends it to the robot. Finally, you just press “start” and the CubeBOX begins his job.” On our system you do not need to use Robot pendant, just transfer 2D CAD data of the workpiece, gripper and the inlay then RoboCAM makes the robot program in seconds. Monitor has touch screen very easy to make modification. Robot referencing and teaching the points is done automatically with RoboCAM just in seconds instead of half an hour.

Can We Feeding Multiple Machines With CubeBOX System?

Yes we can. We have solutions for feeding multiple machines CubeBOX Robotic Automation Systems.You can watch our feeding multiple machines application video for a customer in the metal industry sector ;

If the machines are lineer installed than we use “Slider Systems” Our customer, who is manufacturing for many automotive companies in Europe, feeds 3 Brother Speedio MX series 5-axis machining centers for a special part with Tezmaksan's CubeBOX Blues Dr Max model with 6m slider . In this way, the processing time of the part processed in 2 operations on 3 separate machines has been reduced from 12 minutes to 7 minutes, and thanks to the large-capacity CubeBOX Dr Max unit, unmanned production has been provided in a 7-hour shift.

You can see the detail project pictures of "Slider Systems"

I Have 165 KG Workpiece. Can You Handle With This Project?

Yes, We can handle it. The reach is 2655 mm and the maximum payload it can carry is 165 kg. It can be preffered for your large and heavy items.
You can see detaily video at below ;


There are only 5 Quick Steps:

Will I Use Fanuc Pendant
No, Robocam enables you to change the program on touch screen, you dont need an operator that have to know pendant use.
How Can We Connect CubeBOX To CNC Machine