DOMESTIC, NATIONAL 2.5-Axis CAD CAM Software Capable of Remote Robot Control Robot Cam System

Robocam System

ROBO CAM software launched its manufacturing operations with the implementation of another one of our domestic products, the CUBEBOX ROBOT automation project, and its integration into the system. Our next goal in our automation journey that began with the introduction of CUBEBOX into the robotic automation system, was to allow operators to take action quickly and more easily without requiring any previous robotics programming knowledge and experience..

Solid models of the work pieces to be processed are transferred to the system without requiring any robotics programming knowledge on the operator’s part. With the user-friendly Robocam software developed by our own software team, robotics programming has become automatically programmable. This not only makes the operator’s task easier, but also the time lost during the robot's reference definition processes is minimized.

"ROBO CAM is a Software Compatible with All Robotic Systems."

ROBO CAM, which is designed for Cubebox robot automation systems and allows remote control over the robot, can be utilized in all other robotic machines as well. ROBO CAM does not require any prior knowledge of robotics programming; when you upload the product drawings, ROBO CAM translates it into a language the robot can understand. All the operator has to do is to load and unload the magazine.

Why Us?

  • Reduces labor costs,
  • Replaces employees working in dangerous and risky
  • Ensures a more flexible production system,
  • Ensures a quality control process with greater con
  • Allows meeting the skilled labor shortage,
  • Capable of working nonstop through three shifts,
  • Capable of lifting heavier loads compared to a hum
  • Capable of achieving results quicker than a human,
  • Competence in tedious and repetitive jobs,
  • Capable of operating in hazardous environments,
  • Eliminates human errors,
  • Minimizes quality control errors,
  • Ensures increased output,
  • Pays for itself in short time,
  • Excellent maneuverability,
  • High profit yield.