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As Tezmaksan, we have been the pioneer of firsts in many fields, from production to sales, from industrialization to digitalization of Turkey, throughout our machining journey that has grown since 1981. We have our signature in many pioneering works aimed at facilitating the production activities of our industrialists and maintaining the technology leadership in the Industry 4.0 journey.

With the TEZMAKSAN brand, we offered the CNC Machine Analysis Platform KAPASITEMATIK,the PARKURDA B2B e-commerce platform that brings together the stakeholders of the machining industry, and the CubeBOX robotic automation systems that we offer to localize the robotic automation systems, speed up production and meet export demands. In order to offer the machining industry the opportunity to renew its technology “without the need for capital” and increase its competitiveness, we have structured the Technology Rental financial model, which provides CNC leasing. With all these projects and our R&D investment, we have managed to increase the productivity of our industry by 50 percent in the last year. With Tezmaksan Akademi, which we established in 2015, we have demonstrated our difference by realizing many award-winning projects in the field of CNC training and social responsibility.

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