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Beusınk Verspaning: We Have Entered a New Era With Cubebox Automation, It Has Greatly Improved Our Production Processes

Here, Wouter Beusink, owner of BEUSINK VERSPANING, explains his company’s experience with CubeBOX: “We have gotten a user-friendly system that has enabled us to bring evening and night shifts into production. It works unmanned, and has quickly paid for itself at a very reasonable cost because it saves labour. Furthermore, since CubeBox is not a complex system, no advanced robot programming knowledge is required. This system supports efficiency with sustainability.

Can you tell us about your company?
Beusink Verspaning operates as a rapidly growing supplier of mechanical parts used in the general industry. We are on the path to specialising in the production and supply of customised mechanical parts for various manufacturing areas. My passion for and interest in mechanical parts led me to start my own business. This is what led to the birth of Beusink Verspaning. Now, we are establishing ourselves in the sector as a supplier of mechanical parts.

Can you tell us the story of your cooperation with Tezmaksan?
We contacted Tezmaksan through its Dutch representative, Limas CNC Machinery BV. The beginning of our cooperation is based on mutual interest and a shared vision between the two organisations. We were impressed by the experience of Tezmaksan, which is definitely interesting. Its innovative approach and efforts for manufacturers make Tezmaksan even more compelling as a brand. Knowing Limas CNC Machinery BV’s expertise in the sector, we did not hesitate and made investments for CubeBOX.

As a company using CubeBOX, are you satisfied with this cooperation?
The automation solution developed by Tezmaksan and provided by Limas for our Victor Vturn A-26 model machine has significantly improved our production processes. This cooperation helped us increase our productivity and efficiency in a short time. Both the quality of CubeBOX and the professionalism of Tezmaksan and Limas brought us a reliable and effective solution, increasing our satisfaction.

Can you tell us about the concrete contributions to your production after CubeBOX?
Cost management is crucial nowadays, particularly in the industry where its importance has increased even more for the continuity of quality production. Since its installation, we have been running unmanned operations 24/7 with CubeBOX DR Blues. During the day shift, our skilled workforce produces complex parts, while during the evening and night shifts, we operate completely unmanned. We have more than doubled our production capacity on the machine where we use the robot. Moreover, the CubeBOX system is extremely cost effective, resulting in very low investment costs. Its return far exceeds its initial cost. Additionally, CubeBOX is user-friendly and easy to learn. No specialised robot programming knowledge is required to use this robot. It’s the perfect choice for sustainability in production.

Would you recommend Cubebox to othermanufacturers?
We wholeheartedly recommend the CubeBOX system. Our satisfaction is not only due to its affordability but also because of its quick delivery time, high-quality product structure, effective technical support, and aftersales service policy, as well as satisfactory answers to our questions. All these factors make CubeBOX a very attractive choice. We have already conducted several reference visits, and the positive feedback we received confirms that CubeBOX is a reliable solution. With this experience, we can confidently say that, as a company, we have achieved such efficiency in production that we would certainly recommend other manufacturers to adopt this technology.

date 28.10.2023
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