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Uzman Makina: High Efficiency with Cubebox

"Uzman Makina, operating in metal machining since 1997, has been actively pursuing investments that create added value in production with a focus on exports. Bülent Hazer, the General Manager of Uzman Makina, expressed his desire to establish a stronger and more permanent position in the rapidly advancing and globalizing world by choosing the Robotized Automation System Cubebox developed by Tezmaksan.

Can you provide information about Uzman Makina?

Our company was established in 1997 for the production of metal machining, metal parts, and components. Especially since the early 90s, we have transformed our production system into CIM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) to offer fast and economical solutions. This transformation is happening due to the impact of rapidly advancing technology and increasing competition. As Uzman Makina, in our journey to secure a stronger and more permanent position in the globalized world, we conduct 90% of our production for the world market, primarily in European countries.

How did your story with Tezmaksan begin?

Even before collaborating, I frequently heard about Tezmaksan, especially in the metal machining sector. Whether it be its over forty years of experience or its pioneering role in various fields from Turkey's industrialization to digitization, it is a well-known brand. Our collaboration began with the supply of robots from Tezmaksan for the robotized automation system Cubebox, which has the "Domestic Production Certificate." This was our first investment, and honestly, we had some reservations at first. However, the 24/7 uninterrupted operation and the goal of 50% efficiency of Cubebox were very appealing, and we reached an agreement.

Now you are a Cubebox user. Are you satisfied with this investment?

From the installation of the robot to production, we are very satisfied with both the technology and the service provided by Tezmaksan. We received quick responses to all our questions, and they shared all the necessary information about the robot with us. Cubebox was our first investment from Tezmaksan, but if we knew we would be so satisfied with both the robot and the service, our collaboration would have started much earlier.

You mentioned that you are satisfied, but can we discuss the tangible contributions to your production?

Before using Cubebox, we had difficulties with operators. Issues such as job and time loss due to the operator, extended downtime periods – in short, we couldn't achieve the desired efficiency in production. However, despite being very new in the lineup, our initial impressions of Cubebox are positive. We believe that we have made a technology investment with very good performance.

Would you recommend Cubebox to other manufacturers?

As a company that has achieved so much efficiency in production, we recommend other manufacturers to benefit from this technology. I am confident that the Tezmaksan brand, with Cubebox, will be frequently mentioned both nationally and in an increasingly globalized world."

date 08.02.2023
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