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Domestic and National Robot Investment from Tezmaksan

The pandemic accelerated the transition to industry 4.0 in manufacturing. Companies that use their preference in favor of labor by making Dec comparison between labor costs and the transition to automation before the pandemic, when there was a risk of production interruption during the pandemic, this trend began to reverse. Stating that the demand in the manufacturing sector for robots and automation in Turkey has increased fourfold during this period "The industry wanted a robot, Tezmaksan founded a company," said Hakan Aydoğdu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tezmaksan. Aydoğdu gave the following information: "Tezmaksan Robot Technologies, which was established with an investment of 2 million euros and the automation company started operating in its new building of 3 thousand square meters in Hadımköy." The company filled its four-month work schedule with the orders it received."

date 01.07.2021
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