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Robots From Sivas Give Them Wings

Tezmaksan, which started producing robots for industry, plans to increase its revenue from 4 million euros last year to 12 million euros this year, and its exports from 8 million euros this year to 100 million euros by 2030. Tezmaksan, which has been in talks with Chinese and Korean companies for production, opened its factory producing robotic automation technologies in Sivas with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Fatih Kaçır.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Kaçır stated that the factory will increase Turkey's domestic production rate in aviation, defense, and space technologies. Kaçır emphasized that a wide range of products, from the 8-axis turning center produced for the first time in Sivas to next-generation CNC models, will be manufactured at the Sivas factory, and exports will be made to 40 different countries. He also mentioned that they expect Tezmaksan to establish an R&D center in Sivas. Mustafa Aydoğdu, Chairman of the Board of Tezmaksan, said they established this factory in Sivas out of a sense of loyalty.

Rapid Growth

Providing information about the investment, Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu explained that they have spent 6 million euros so far for the factory, which will be completed with a total investment of 15 million euros. He mentioned that they are currently producing robotic automation systems in the section opened today and will establish a facility for turning center production in the second phase. Aydoğdu stated that with the Sivas factory starting production in October and reaching full capacity, Tezmaksan's revenue will reach 12 million euros this year. He provided the following information:

"At the opening ceremony, the robots, whose production for export was completed, performed a 'dance show.' We are in negotiations with a Chinese and a Korean company to produce CNC machines in Sivas through partnership. If one of these negotiations concludes positively, Sivas can become a CNC center because these companies produce as much as Turkey's annual need. It is envisaged that this facility will mainly focus on exports."

Aydoğdu mentioned that the railway passing through Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone is part of the network extending from China to Europe and they have logistical advantages. He also said, "Eight million euros of this revenue will come from exports. We plan to increase our exports to 100 million euros by 2030. This is a significant leap, but robot technologies will enable us to grow rapidly," he said. Aydoğdu emphasized that the production of turning centers in the second phase is critical for defense, aviation, and space technologies, adding, "This investment is particularly important because when this production capability is reached, possible embargoes will no longer be a problem for Turkey."

Notes from the Factory

  • Established on an area of ​​53,000 square meters.
  • The facility, compatible with Industry 4.0, was designed in the dark factory concept.
  • Designed to receive LEED certification in accordance with the European Green Deal and environmental sustainability principles.

date 10.06.2024
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