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Tezmaksan's New Robotic Facility In Sivas Is Now Operational

Tezmaksan has opened its new facility in Sivas, which will operate with Industry 4.0 compliance and 80% automation, using industrial robots for production.

Located in the Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, Tezmaksan's Hacı Mustafa Aydoğdu Production Center has officially started production following a six-month trial period. The facility will produce 300 CubeBOX units annually with robots. A total of 16 people, including three white-collar employees, are employed at the facility where standard tasks are performed by industrial robots and logistics material flow is managed by autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The facility, built with an eco-friendly architecture, adheres to the European Green Deal and environmental sustainability principles, serving as a pioneering project that will create opportunities for Sivas.

Tezmaksan Group CEO Hakan Aydoğdu stated during the opening ceremony that they are a leading company in Turkey's machining industry. Aydoğdu said, "So far, we have reached an investment of 15 million euros and a construction cost of 2.5 million euros for our factory. We are operating on a 14,450 square meter area, while construction continues on a 20,000 square meter area. Our future expansion project area comprises 19,300 square meters. In the new term, we will focus on the defense and space industries. We may produce in this area at our facility, which is still under construction. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with Chinese and South Korean firms as part of our expansion," he said.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kaçır, Tezmaksan Chairman Mustafa Aydoğdu, and other officials attended the factory's opening ceremony. In his speech, Minister Kaçır said, "In the last 22 years, we have had discussions on industrial robot investments through our investment incentive system. We might collaborate with one or both of them in Sivas in the near future."

Aydoğdu mentioned that they focus on high-tech value-added products and have dealerships in 38 countries, with plans to add four more countries soon. "We have established a company in Amsterdam to manage our regional dealership organization from there. We will also set up a service line in Germany," he said. Aydoğdu added, "Our main target is the US market. Currently, the US buys 10 units from us. Next year, we aim to increase this to 200 units. The US market is very important for us, followed by Mexico, although this is still in the planning stage. We plan to achieve 100 million dollars in exports by 2030," he said.

Highlighting the significance of the facility, which will produce a wide range of products from 8-axis turning centers to new generation CNC models, Minister Kaçır said, "With the opening of the Sivas factory, we expect at least 100 million dollars in exports by 2030."

Aydoğdu also noted that they have started transferring their qualified employees to foreign countries, stating, "The issue of qualified workers is not only in Turkey but in many countries in our sector. Ten years ago, we established Tezmaksan Academy to address this. As a result of our efforts, we train qualified personnel. Our employees are now in demand from abroad. We have sent two employees, one to Spain and one to Germany," he said.

date 10.06.2024
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