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Tezmaksan Robotics to Unveil Cutting-Edge CubeBOX Solutions at EMO Hannover

Tezmaksan, a renowned European manufacturer of robotics and automation, is gearing up to unveil three groundbreaking iterations of its cutting-edge CubeBOX system at EMO Hannover 2023. The prestigious event, known as one of the world’s largest fairs for metalworking and manufacturing, is scheduled to take place from 18th to 24th September. Tezmaksan Robotics will be showcasing its innovative automation solutions at hall 17 stand B06, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse into the future of machine loading and unloading technologies.

The CubeBOX series represents a revolutionary advancement in automation, enabling seamless operator-free production in machine tending. Developed by Tezmaksan, these sophisticated systems boast compatibility with any control unit and robot, regardless of the manufacturer or communication protocol. One of the key highlights is their ability to support the automated loading and unloading of CNC machines, significantly streamlining manufacturing processes.

Among the highly anticipated launches at EMO is the CubeBOX Pallet Pool, also known as Pallet Tower and Pallet Changer. This ingenious system is specially designed to automate CNC machining centers with limited floor space, capable of managing up to 24 pallets and 16 tools with just one unit. The compact circle arrangement of pallets in front of the machine, combined with a state-of-the-art 6-axis robot, allows for efficient loading and unloading. As a result, the CubeBOX Pallet Pool substantially reduces the need for manual intervention and facilitates up to 24-hour operator-free operation.

Another highlight at the event is the CubeBOX RT Stacker (RT-S), specifically catered to lathes and vertical machining centers. This versatile system employs two pallets for part loading, accommodating the tending of one or two CNC machines. Notably, the RT-S can stack two pallets on top of each other, increasing throughput without consuming additional factory space. The incorporation of such advanced capabilities promises enhanced efficiency and productivity for manufacturers.

Tezmaksan will also be showcasing the CubeBOX Space Cabinet, an innovative model featuring three drawers for holding products. The unloading process is effortlessly executed by a 6-axis robot, alleviating the need for regular restocking. In instances where replenishment is required, the CubeBOX Space Cabinet’s ergonomic design allows the drawers to be rolled into a convenient position for easy parts supply. This thoughtful design further enhances the overall productivity of the system.

Hakan Aydogdu, the General Manager at Tezmaksan, emphasized the financial and operational benefits of automating CNC machine loading and unloading. Precision and accuracy are paramount in CNC machining, and improper handling can lead to misalignment or damage to workpieces, not to mention the time-consuming nature of manual parts handling. By reducing operator reliance, downtime is minimized, allowing CNC machines to operate continuously, thus boosting overall productivity.

In addition to operational advantages, the CubeBOX systems prove to be lucrative investments. Night shift productivity can be boosted by up to 50 percent, leading to an average return on investment (ROI) in just eight months—an impressive testament to the systems’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The power behind the CubeBOX series lies in Tezmaksan’s smart automation software, RoboCAM. This software empowers operators to seamlessly integrate CubeBOX with any robot without the need for extensive robot programming knowledge. By simply uploading product drawings, RoboCAM translates the data into a language that the robot can comprehend and act upon. At EMO 2023, attendees will witness live demonstrations of RoboCAM alongside all three CubeBOX launches, gaining insight into the seamless integration of these cutting-edge technologies.

Hakan Aydogdu further emphasized that RoboCAM and CubeBOX are integral to the flexible and serial production system model, a groundbreaking engineering style that Tezmaksan has pioneered over several decades. At EMO Hannover 2023, Tezmaksan aims to provide attendees with firsthand demonstrations of the new CubeBOX systems. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to engage with the Tezmaksan engineering team, enabling them to receive tailored consultation on the most suitable automated technologies for their machining requirements.

For those seeking more information on CubeBOX automation systems, including the CubeBOX RT-S, Space Cabinet, and Pallet Pool, Tezmaksan Robotics’ website will serve as a valuable resource. Additionally, visitors can arrange a meeting during the event by contacting info@tezmaksanrobotics.com. With its roots dating back to 1969, Tezmaksan stands as a prominent European robotics, machine tools, and industrial equipment company. Renowned for its in-house manufacturing in Europe, Tezmaksan distributes an impressive range of offerings, including CNC machines, machining centers, lathes, milling machines, and more. The company’s headquarters are situated in Istanbul, and it maintains a strong and influential presence in the European market.

date 27.07.2023
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