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Tezmaksan, one of the leading companies in Turkey's metalworking industry, showcased its expertise with its high-quality products at the TIMTOS Taipei International Machine Tool Show in Taiwan. At the fair, Tezmaksan presented its new generation solutions to participants, featuring its CUBEBOX robot automation systems.

Tezmaksan, which has expanded its activities both in Turkey and globally with innovative projects developed in recent years, is also developing its exports with a focus on markets it targets internationally. Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu, who stated that they reach global markets and increase their exports by participating in international fairs, said: "We participated in the TIMTOS Taipei International Machine Tool Show held in Taiwan between March 6-11, 2023. At the fair, we showcased our CUBEBOX robot automation systems, which increase production efficiency and which we exported to 20 countries last year. We presented our new generation solutions and products to fair participants. As a result of the collaborations we realized at the fair, we will export new CUBEBOX robot automation systems to 10 Far Eastern countries this year."Hakan Aydoğdu also said, "We will achieve this export through our factory, which we will open in the coming months in Sivas with an investment of 15 million Euros and a construction cost of 37 million 500 thousand TL. In our factory, in addition to CNC models not produced in Turkey, new CUBEBOX robot automation systems will also be introduced to the market. Our factory, which we will equip with machines that produce machines, will also be the starting point for our export to the Far East." During the fair, which is considered as the world's third-largest exhibition in the machine tool industry, Tezmaksan held meetings for cooperation with 124 companies from 34 countries.

Automation Is An Inevitable Necessity For Development

Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu emphasized the necessity of achieving maximum production with minimum downtime in the new generation of manufacturing, stating "To achieve this, it is necessary to make production more efficient and prevent raw material, energy and time losses as well as unplanned stops. Maintaining quality and standards in production while minimizing costs is also mandatory. To achieve all of these simultaneously, it is essential to transition to a completely digital and automated production process. Automation is an inevitable requirement for a country's development. Automation brings new standards and a measurement discipline to production. The achieved standards also pave the way for redefining competition and even competition rules."

The Export Target For Tezmaksan In 2023 Is The Far East Market With 10 New Countries

Tezmaksan CEO Hakan Aydoğdu emphasized the importance of TIMTOS as an opportunity to bring their new technologies, which contribute to domestic production, to meet with the leading companies in the global machine tool industry. "Our high-tech products have buyers both domestically and internationally, and they are always in demand. Since last year, we have reached 20 countries with our new CUBEBOX robotic automation systems. In 2023, we will add new markets to our target and increase our reach even further. In this regard, the Far East market with 10 new countries is a significant and strong potential for us. At TIMTOS, we will once again prove our company's strength with our new technologies and open the way for high-value-added exports," Aydoğdu said.

date 21.03.2023
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