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A local and national touch to robotic production with Tezmaksan, which has signed many products that will increase the global competitive power of the Turkish industry: Cubebox Intensifying its efforts in order to have a say in production in parallel with the changing dynamics in the field of industry around the world, Tezmaksan continues to develop projects specific to the subjects that Turkey needs. Tezmaksan, which carries out activities in many fields such as CNC sales, leasing, service, technological consultancy, financing, software and sectoral training by closely following the trends, keeps the robotic automation and digitalization issues at the top of its agenda in order to make the growth of its industry sustainable. Hakan Aydoğdu, General Manager of Tezmaksan, stated that the digitalization process that they laid the foundations for in 2007, especially with the pandemic period, said, "Turkish industry focused on R&D and innovation based on Industry 4.0. As Tezmaksan, we have become a company that produces technology for the machining industry with this process. "We are developing products that will contribute to the faster adaptation of businesses to the digital age. Our domestic and national robotic automation system Cubebox is an example of these investments. With Cubebox, we enable businesses to save cost and time." Informing that Cubebox, which is called a marvel of R&D and innovation, increases the production speed by maximizing machine-operator cooperation in smart factories, Aydoğdu said, "Cubebox, which offers a system that can operate 24 hours without an operator and without errors, provides 50 percent efficiency, especially in night shifts. "While its standard structure can work in harmony with all CNC machines, it is 20 percent more affordable than company-specific robot systems and can be installed and commissioned in just one day. In addition, with this system, parts can be changed without the need for robot programming knowledge."

Emphasizing that today's companies focus on innovation and robotic production, Aydoğdu pointed out that investments in robotic automation have increased especially in strategic sectors such as automotive, electronics, defense industry, medical and aerospace where competition is intense. Aydogdu continued as follows; "In a world where changing ways of doing business are intensified, the future of the production sector is evolving in a different direction. At this point, we have to change our ways of working in order to increase our competitiveness and not lose our place in the market. When we evaluate it specifically for machining, there are 113 robots for every 10 thousand employees in the world. In our country, this rate is It is around the 30 band. Therefore, there is an opportunity to increase penetration. The pandemic has also revealed this. We experienced a period when the remote working model became widespread and production facilities came to a standstill. When giant manufacturers in developed countries suspended their activities, many projects shifted to Turkey. These factors also showed us the importance of robotic automation.”

Stating that concepts such as automation, artificial intelligence, and data analysis should be rapidly integrated into production facilities in order to maintain the competitive structure in Turkey and to increase exports to higher levels, Aydoğdu said, "We see that risky and repetitive works have passed from humans to robots. It is our responsibility for our manufacturers to analyze this picture in a healthy way. At this point, the main industry is aware of robotic automation and has already made these investments in order not to fall behind in global competition. Our SMEs also need to quickly adapt to this competition. As Tezmaksan, we develop innovative products based on this awareness, and help sectors consolidate their place in the digital world. We are ready for this future, and we are taking firm steps on this path.”

date 01.07.2021
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