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Tezmaksan the leading brand in the Turkish metal machining industry, contributes to the cyclical economy while ensuring sustainability in production with its systems that use resources efficiently. Tezmaksan's solutions which have signed pioneering investments are changing the sector on the way out to becoming a solution partner that increases the production The company undertakes the important task to create a sustainable "Green Industry" with CNC Machine Analysis Platform Kapasitematik, robot and automation system Cubebox, and Parkurda.com which enable manufacturers to grow their local and global business volumes bringing together all stakeholders in the industry. Hakan Aydoğdu, General Manager of Tezmaksan, said, "The Paris Climate Agreement imposes certain responsibilities on all companies in the industry. After 2030, a tax of 30 to 50 euros will be imposed on 2 tons of waste. As Tezmaksan, we are setting up our business processes accordingly and designing the robots we will produce, we are making a plan with carbon-neutral principles so that the impact on the environment will be minimal,"

date 15.02.2022
We Are In Press