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CubeBOX Robotic Automation Systems For CNC Machine Tending

Introduce Your CNC Machine To Its Automations

CubeBOX robotic automation systems for CNC machine tending

Offering tailor made solutions, the CubeBOX CNC automation system by Tezmaksan Robot Technologies is a revolutionary robotic automation solution designed to enhance manufacturing processes and reduce operator involvement in machine tending.

With the CubeBOX system, we offer a system that can work without stopping, which minimizes the operator need in machine tending. With its ability to work non-stop, easy integration with various CNC machines, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, the CubeBOX system empowers manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving industrial automated landscape. Let's explore the benefits of CubeBOX in more detail:

1. Continuous operation and efficiency

Offering 24 hours operator-free operation, the core advantage of the CubeBOX system lies in its ability to work non-stop. Ensuring uninterrupted production even during night shifts, this continuous operation leads to a remarkable 50 per cent increase in night shift efficiency compared to traditional setups that rely heavily on manual labour for CNC machine tending. Manufacturers can now maximize their production output, resulting in higher productivity and reduced lead times.

2. Compatibility and standard design

The CubeBOX system's standard design makes it compatible with all CNC machines available on the market, including all types of CNC lathes, machining centres and grinding machines. Regardless of the brand or type of control unit, the CubeBOX system seamlessly integrates with the existing robot operations, eliminating the need for extensive modifications or customizations. This compatibility feature simplifies the implementation process and minimizes downtime during the installation phase.

3. Cost-effectiveness

In comparison to company-specific robot systems, the CubeBOX system proves to be an economical choice. With a price tag 20 per cent lower than its counterparts, manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of advanced automation without breaking the bank. Moreover, the system's quick commissioning, which takes just one day, reduces additional expenses associated with prolonged setup periods.

4. Easy part exchange

Traditionally, the exchange of robot parts in a system required expert knowledge of robot programming, leading to prolonged changeover times and dependency on skilled personnel. The CubeBOX system changes this paradigm with its user-friendly interface that allows operators to exchange parts effortlessly without any prior knowledge of robot programming. Fast loading and unloading of the workpieces, enhances flexibility and agility in the production process, enabling quick adaptation to changing production requirements.

5. Hassle free robot programming with RoboCAM

The foundation of all CubeBOX systems is RoboCAM, the intelligent automation software also developed by Tezmaksan. With RoboCAM, operators can effortlessly integrate CubeBOX with any compatible universal robot, eliminating the need for prior robot programming expertise. By simply uploading product drawings, RoboCAM translates them into a robot-friendly language, enabling seamless communication and execution of tasks.

6. Flexible structure and mobility

The CubeBOX system boasts a flexible structure that enables easy transportation between different machines within the factory. This mobility ensures optimal utilization of the system across various workstations, eliminating the need for separate robotic setups for each machine. The system's versatility empowers manufacturers to streamline their production floor efficiently, optimizing resource allocation and floor space

Machine tending solution configurations

Check out the different CubeBOX system configuration options below or download our brochure to access the full technical specifications of our CNC robot automation systems.